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Decorate Your Studio – Cut Up Books


When my brother-in-law became a potter, he converted the storage shed in the woods behind his house to a studio. He persuaded the power company to install a pole just for powering his kilns. He built shelves and dug a raku pit. He added a sound system. The family clan were interested in the pit and goggled a bit at the pole (you can do that?), but then he did something that really surprised us – he began cutting up his newest favorite book ISLAND.

Tom loves the Maine islands. He has family roots on North Haven and spent summers there growing up. When Tom discovered Curry’s book of paintings, he was blown away. We all were. The book is a series of paintings of the same island in many different types of weather. Talk about catching the light! The book is amazing! Tom decided that this series of paintings would be a great creative inspiration pasted up on his studio walls so he did the unthinkable – he bought two more copies of the book and took a razor blade to them, two so he didn’t need to decide which side of the page would face out. That’s our Tom!

Art book of paintings of a Maine Island

ISLAND – Paintings by Tom Curry


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