NMSG Watercolors

A tilted world of shadow and light, wind shiny grasses and water in flight


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I am back. It is funny how life shifts and things that were easy to do suddenly become hard to get around to doing. In my case, the elder care I do has stepped up. Fortunately, that does still give me time to paint. Not as often as a few years ago, but enough that I am still learning and growing. I have been working almost entirely in my sketchbook as I learn to do plein air painting, which is part of why I haven’t been posting here. I am on Instagram now, and if you would like to see what I have been doing, you can go check out my account. My name there is nmsgwatercolors. This summer, I have a schoolism subscription, which gives me access to online how-to videos. I have been doing the videos and assignments for the class “Landscape Painting in Watercolor and Gouache with Nathan Fowkes”. It has been very helpful. The principals are all things that I have read over and over in various painting books, but the instructor has a way of pulling it all together and applying it that I am finding helpful. I am working in gouache for the first time, so my assignments are a huge step backwards in my painting ability, but I hope to be able to take what I am learning there and apply it to my normal palette and more transparent watercolours. I have thought for a long time that when painting en plein air, gouache would be helpful. The light changes so fast and saving out the lights or masking them out takes valuable time. I have posted some of my least disastrous paintings on my instagram page, if you want to see my struggles. : )


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  1. Great to see you again, Nan!!

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