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A tilted world of shadow and light, wind shiny grasses and water in flight

First Week of Daily Landscapes


Here is the first week of daily landscapes. As you can see, this is not a produce-lots-of-stuff-you-know-you-can-do-well project. The idea here is growth. That means doing something (like a saltmarsh painting) and then doing it again and again in more and more outrageous ways until the painting stops working. It is surprising what does work. Or it means taking some bit of advice from one of my favorite how-to books and trying it, like the advice to make the background misty. That may work for big paintings, but I discovered that on a 16th sheet (about 5″x7″), it isn’t going to work unless the painting is very simple. Make it until you break it is the basic strategy. And then of course life gets in the way sometimes. One morning, the sun came up as we were getting into the car and I looked down the driveway into the most beautiful golden mist. The most beautiful, impossible-to-photograph, golden mist. I desperately memorized it to paint later, but later came after the news that I needed shoulder surgery and although I tried to catch the light and mood of the morning, there wasn’t enough left. It took a few days to sink back into my landscapes after that news.

Collection of week one's daily watercolor landscape paintings

First Week of Small Daily Landscapes


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