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Good Beginning Watercolor Project by Christian Koivumaa


For those of you who would like to try watercolors and love winter, here is a nice beginner project by Swedish artist Christian Koivumaa. When I first start painting, my paintings looked faint and washed out. It can be difficult to get enough pigment on your brush and to use enough darks to give contrast to your lights. This tutorial encourages beginners to use the full range of values, from very light to very dark. The artist uses different kinds of edges (blurry to sharp) and demonstrates several techniques, including tapping water off your brush to produce a spotted texture. And unlike some tutorials, you can focus on these things because you aren’t also struggling to get a wide variety of colors right at the same time. The painter intensively studied karate before taking up painting due to an injury and I think that shows in this tutorial. I spent countless hours sitting through my sons’ competitive gymnastics practices. Their coaches broke complex movements down into pieces. My boys strengthened and stretched and practiced each piece before putting them all together. Christian Koivumaa has designed this tutorial in the same way good karate or gymnastics coaches design their athletes’ practices.

If you would like to know what you can do with the information presented in the tutorial, watch this!


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