NMSG Watercolors

A tilted world of shadow and light, wind shiny grasses and water in flight

Is the government poisoning its own army?


James Gurney wrote a fantastic book called Color and Light http://jamesgurney.com/site/213/color-and-light-a-guide-for-the-realist-painter. In the back, on pages 218 and 219, is a table of reliable modern pigments. It is very informative. Benzimidazolone lemon’s ASTM rating is I-II. Quinacridone orange’s CIN is PO 48. Transparent red oxide is… transparent. There are even notes. The one for pyrrole orange says it is high chroma. Viridian is inorganic synthetic chromium. All very useful if you want your painting to be the same color in ten years or you are dissatisfied with the way your current tube of green paint is behaving. All very dry unless you happen to be interested in chemistry. Almost all very dry. Trust James Gurney to make pigment tables interesting. The note for chromium oxide green would even be funny if it weren’t so upsetting sounding. It says “Used in military camouflage. Durable. Toxic.” Durable is a desirable military characteristic, at least for your own army, but toxic? Really?

PS – I am starting my month of landscapes today. I am. There should be enough heat in my shed cum studio now for me to wade out there through the snow and get started. Deep breath… and here goes…


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