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A tilted world of shadow and light, wind shiny grasses and water in flight

Second Week of Small Daily Landscapes


Another week of landscapes! Two of these took forever to draw. I’m sure you can guess which ones. I did three more saltmarsh painting but only two look like saltmarsh because I was tired of painting grass and flooded the marsh all the way up to the house by Farnham’s clam shack. The road is Island Road in Essex, a favorite walking and birding spot. That day, there were many glossy ibis visiting the marsh! Two paintings are of Rocky Neck in Gloucester, one across Wonson Cove and one across Smith Cove. The light was very beautiful on both, although very different. The seascape is from the Back Shore in East Gloucester. (I need to work on sea scapes. I have only done one or two.) And there is one of Beacon Marine. I labored mightily over drawing the truck. Note to self – must learn to paint trucks. They are ubiquitous around here and I have never paid any attention to what they really look like. Unfortunately, I suspect they are like boats. If you don’t get boats exactly right, it upsets all the boat lovers and completely spoils the painting for them. And they complain loudly. When I proudly showed my carefully drawn boat lift to my mother, she said, “Nice truck!” Then my husband did the same thing. I guess the truck, which I redrew so often that I worried about the paper surface, came out ok, but I didn’t intend it to be the focal point!

Seven small watercolor landscapes of Gloucester and Essex on Cape Ann Massachusetts

Second Week Of Daily Watercolor Landscapes


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