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Shoulder Surgery and Lefty Valentines


It is amazing how sick it makes you when someone punches some holes in you and messes with your bones. It has been two weeks and a half weeks. At least I don’t hurt quite so much anymore. I have occupied my time watching painting videos, exploring Instagram, and listening to audiobooks while I use the coloring books my oldest son gave me. One is a scritch-off book and the other a book of birds with lots of tiny areas to color in. He was trying to find something I could do lefthanded comfortably while I listened to audiobooks. So thoughtful! And a real success!

I also made valentines for all my family. I drew them, ever so slowly and carefully, with my left hand. (I am right handed, normally.) To disguise the shakiness of my creations, I picked fuzzy bunnies as my characters and avoided straight lines as much as I could. They took me days but I was just relieved to be able to manage anything at all.

Making valentines leftie because splinted right arm

Leftie Valentines



  1. I hope you are feeling better, Nan!
    I lost all my e-mails and e-mail addresses a couple of weeks ago in a computer disaster – can you please e-mail me with your e-mail address again? I was going to reply to your big e-mail, but alas!!

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