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In honor of the recent snow on Cape Ann, here are some videos about those tiny exquisite miracles – snowflakes.

Proof of their beauty:

Grow your own:

Or if that, like so many projects, doesn’t work out, watch them growing here:

If you haven’t cut out a snowflake since you were 8, you might like to try again with something better than school scissors and eight year old coordination. Use sharp scissors and thin paper, and when possible, fold in an accordion style rather than rolling up in order to keep the folds as thin as possible. Here are some grownup directions:

If you prefer watercolors to scissors, a snowflake-like effect can be produced by scattering salt on wet watercolor paint. It is also fun to layer snowflake crystals using masking fluid. Find some photos of snowflakes photographed under a microscope for reference. Start by masking out some highlights, then paint a very faint wash of “snow” color, something like windsor blue-green shade. When that is dry, mask out more of the crystal edges. Lay down another layer of wash and when that is dry, mask out more edges. Continue until your snow crystals are complete, then paint around the flakes with a darker color – dark spruce branches or night sky or whatever. Both these methods are fun to play with, especially when combined with sugar cookie snowflakes and cocoa.

Happy Snow Day!


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