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Third Week Of Daily Watercolor Landscapes


Watercolor paintings from the third week of my month of small daily landscapes, mostly of Essex and Gloucester on Cape Ann.

Third Week Of Daily Watercolor Landscapes

Here are the small daily landscapes for the third week. I did another Beacon Marine landscape. The drawing took a long time to do. I basically drafted it, using a vanishing point and a ruler. It took hours to do but was well worth it in the end, I think. The actual painting part didn’t take long. I love walking along this bit of East Main St. in Gloucester. Lots of interesting things to look at. It feels comfortably familiar, what I think of as typical of my part of the world. Very New England – been here a long time and hopefully will continue to be here a long time. There is a painting of a clammer hauling his boat out at Conomo Point in Essex, one of the old Madfish on Rocky Neck (one of the rumors floating around is that a previous owner lost it in a game of Monopoly), and another of a sunset out over the breakwater in Gloucester. There is another sunset on some rocky coast, and two seascape studies. These last are going to take some work. I haven’t painted many breaking waves. I am excited to learn how. I can watch the waves forever and not be bored. There is deep peace in the way water moves.


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